Why You Should Read This Book

by authorameai

One learns through experience. I will become your experience. I know that some people will never do the things that I have done. Some people will forever be denied access to what I have access to understanding, and some will have access to what I do not understand. This is why this book is so large and with so much information. What is a book that excels even the Bible? You. I will prove to you that to take control of your life is to be in harmony with the wilderness and that together our lives make The Greatest Story. Due to geographical differences, I cannot provide you the love you need and cannot provide a listening ear; I cannot hold your hand and look into your eyes, but I am trying to give you the next best thing. I can only hope that this is not a futile effort, that my life has not been wasted on deaf ears or blind eyes. If nothing else, I just want you to know that I exist.