by authorameai

I speak only to the open-minded. I write for common people who are used to the harsher English terms, the Anglo-Saxon terms rather than the Latin terms, but I also write to scholars who are used to looking deeply into issues. I write for teenagers. I write for psychologists so that they may analyze my life because this book is a journey into the heart of the self and finding what is there. It is also a journey into life and finding out, maybe not what is there, but what you see. This is part self-analysis, part human analysis, and both parts are intertwined. I encourage everyone to partake in such deep self-analysis as I have undertaken because by doing so no one will be able to erase your past. I write for friends and acquaintances, because without having been in my presence I am sure that they would doubt the truth of what I say. I write especially for them so that they may know how long it has been that I have been kept hidden. I write for people who live in my hometown so that they may know that “the other side” exists and may very well be in their own household. There is something here for everyone, especially if one can make connections with what I say to their world.