by authorameai

There are two sets of definitions in this book: society’s definitions and my definitions. To understand myself better I noticed the importance of creating my own definitions so that I could make better sense of life. Life could almost be figured out if we knew the definitions of certain terms. I grew up as Protestant, and I noticed that The Bible uses certain terms continually but never gives a definition for them. Since we all grow up learning different definitions of the same terms it gives much room for translation. The Bible is customized to us, Protestants say. But that sure makes understanding the Bible confusing. We can only infer the definition of a term by the context of the term, but a term that is praised in The Bible can be despised in society and vice versa. After some thought, I realized that pride, for instance, is not necessarily a “bad” thing and humble is not always godinterm, though they are portrayed as such in The Bible, and the reason for that is because the definitions dictionaries give are not the definitions used in The Bible. I will explain at the end of the book what I think my definitions for terms should be according to the life I have lived. You may need to reference it while you read.