by authorameai

The diary entries were written in chronological order, but the essays were not. The essays are used as a supplementary elaboration of an idea. In order to introduce a topic that I want to discuss I have used a human reference as a jumping off point. Please do not confuse the grouping together of person/thing with a topic as categorizing people/things, but rather consider it to be pertaining to symbolism and allusions. I use this also to make it less censorable and easier to memorize, lest someone try to deprive you of the words. Pardon me for including such a wide variety of subjects though I could not possibly be an expert of them all, but I am a believer in the power of liberal arts. And everything I saw about a topic outside of me pertains to the way I have developed my thinking, and it all connects in some way that you will see later. I have embraced allusions, and though it takes more effort on your part to research the references, I believe that it
helps the intertextuality, so that there is an inside communication between writers. I use allusions, not to alienate, but to draw the reader in on their own time. I have also embraced characters. Since The Bible has multiple characters and has lasted for such a long time, I have no fear that too many characters will be a problem in understanding this book. As you can see, I do not believe that readers are lazy.