First Person Point-of-View

by authorameai

I have written this book in first person point-of-view, meaning that I have written from my point-of-view, because I want to be completely honest. Ink and paper does not bite. One may wonder how I could be so honest about things one does not tend to be honest about, due to the modern sense of decency, but the answer to this is because reputation is infinitely less important than what is most important. Also, I have no national reputation yet so I can afford a little more honesty. I have changed the names in order to protect privacy. The main character of this book is myself and even when I am discussing people in my life I am still talking about what has shaped my identity. When reading this book focus on my character development, rather than the other characters, and if you do focus on other characters remember to precede observations in your mind with “from the author’s perceptions.” Even though I have written an honest account, I made sure that there were several places that were open to interpretation because I want this book to be relevant to everyone who reads it.