by authorameai

“There are three things that have always been taboo: Honesty, honesty, and honesty. Everything else is polite.”

This is NOT a book for escapism and entertainment!!! Be forewarned that the content of these pages is not for the faint of heart. I do not intend to offensive, but my life and just the way I am may seem to be offensive to those who are sensitive. I do not expect to push my views on others, but I believe it is best to have a belief and to express it some time in my life whether or not people’s views of me will change. If it eases your mind, consider all statements in this book to begin with “I strongly think that.” I bring to you naked honesty stripped of any highfaluting, bombastic terms. This book will raise passions of both the good and bad kind because I bring to the false Christian (and those who doubt my standing with God) confusion, and to the true Christian reaffirmation. Please do not discard this book because you think it is either too “religious” or “too “satanic.” The most prevalent theme of this book is love and hate with the backdrop of sexual exploration. And
as with any true artist’s work there will be much sadness in the following pages, but do not discard this book for that, for there is much hope as well. Please do not put down this book because you disagree with my lifestyle in either the beginning or the end. Sometimes one has to do things one does not want to do in order to learn. This is my book. Therefore, you will taste my thoughts. If it displeases you, read someone else’s thoughts, but do not spit on mine.