Coming to America: Arrival in the United States

by authorameai

I arrived in America from a plane from Seoul, Korea, mo-hawked like all Asian babies. When my parents adopted me I was four and a half months old. They could identify me at the airport by my screaming voice that was caused by an ear infection. I would not stop crying until Jim Savannah, the godfather chosen by Dad, held me, not Mom (Anne “Bone” Ai), not Dad (Kilroy Ai), not my aunt (Irene “Rubberband” Tiller), but him. I have wondered if he smelled like my biological father. After my ear infection was alleviated I did not cry much anymore, from what I have been told. I cannot remember when I was told that I was adopted. I do not know how much I weighed when I was born though I was told that I was heavy. In fact, I do not recall ever seeing any documentation of any type concerning my adoption.