About This Blook (Blog Book)

“Experience is the best teacher in life, as long as it’s someone else’s experience – then it is wisdom. Wisdom can direct you to a life of peace, joy and prosperity.” –Brig Hart

The goal of this blook (blog book) is to transcribe my memoir, detailing my life from birth to age 22, from PDF (converted before 2006) to a more interactive format. I will leave the original text as untouched as possible, but will cut unnecessary parts that do not add value (See the tag Marked for Deletion), change names to protect privacy, and fix general spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The validity of this work hinges on the separation between the writer (myself as a youth) and the editor (myself as an adult). I prefer a modern Web 2.0 blog format because this blook relies heavily on references and footnotes (think House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski or CPR for Dummies by Mickey Z.), which work best as links and comments (a special feature commentary from both my younger and older selves). While using this blook, please keep in mind that categories refer to Heading 1 and tags refer to Heading 2. Since this is a blook, it may make more sense to read it in order.

I help everyone understand my experiences so that no one will need to go through my experiences to get the benefits of the lessons such experiences have taught me. Read this in the context of a before and after shot, with the before shot being this book and the after shot being its sequel, which should come out between 2035-2040. Anything else misses the point. This is not a book about despair, and the opinions in this book do not reflect my current thoughts and beliefs. This book will pose a lot of questions, and its sequel will answer them. Some may say this transcription borders on dangerous, but I must do this before I write the book of hope for the purposes of cleansing and transmuting my life and raising the vibration of yours. I want you to know that you are not alone, and things do get better.

Since this is a blook, it is best if you read this in order, so please subscribe to this blook.