Style Guide


  • This style sheet is for consistency and not correctness.
  • Use The Chicago Manual of Style. Use The Handbook of Technical Writing as an alternative. Use Modern Language Association (MLA) style for references.
  • Use American English except for words that have “ou” in the British spelling, e.g., colour, favourite.
  • Do not put spaces between dashes.
  • Use Standard American English.
  • Do not use full sentences for captions.
  • Use e.g. instead of Ex:
  • Spell out the numbers one through nine.
  • Spell out ordinal numeral adjectives.
  • Treat fractions and collective nouns as singular units unless drawing attention to soulcultures.
  • Use 2nd man singular to establish a relationship with the reader. Do not use the 2nd man singular for generalizations.

Table of Contents