Know the Difference

  • Who (subjective) vs. whom (objective)
  • Dash vs. colon vs. semicolon
  • Since (time) vs. Because (relationship)
  • Accept (receive v.) vs. Except (not included)
  • Altogether (entirely/completely) vs. All together (acting together)
  • Affect (influence v.) vs. Effect (result or to effect a change)
  • Compliment (praise) vs. Complement (to complete)
  • Allusion (literary reference) vs. Illusion (mirage)
  • Already (previously adv.) vs. All ready (completely prepared)
  • Between (two) vs. Among (more than two)
  • Can (capability) vs. May (possibility)
  • Capital (currency) vs. Capitol (city)
  • Discreet (tactful) vs. Discrete (separate, distinct)
  • Fewer (count nouns) vs. Less (mass nouns)
  • Good (adj) vs. Well (adv)
  • Maybe (perhaps, uncertainty) vs. May be (v)
  • Insure (life or property) vs. Ensure (make secure from harm) vs. Assure (setting a mind at